Our Fortune 500 clients are proudly serviced by are large fleet

At any one time JDK Services can deploy over 100 plow vehicles – including front end loaders, skid steers, and large dump trucks. During a heavy storm over 150 staff are available to clear the way for you.

Quality training and experience is what drives JDK Services to succeed in snow removal operations for over 14 years.  We take pride in the services performed with the best products and equipment to ensure the safest experience for your company.  Our Fleet equipment is equipped with GPS to help mobilize in the middle of any storm.

We are also equipped with liquid de-icing products that are used at the right time by our trained operators.  Not only does this lower our service cost to you, but it leaves you with a better result with minimal impact to the environment.

We have crews throughout Northwest Illinois providing great service for any size storm.


“Seriously…if you knew what I went thru to find someone who actually wanted to work on our property, you would understand why we are so appreciative.  I had one quote that was astronomical…probably because they didn’t want to do the job.  And, the company that plows the other half of the center wouldn’t even give me a quote because we “were not on the route” to begin the season.  We were beginning to joke that we were going to have to drive from Cincinnati to clear our lot!!  So happy I was able to find JDK Services thru the BBB and that JDK Services actually answered the phone when I called!  JDK Services could not have been more helpful last week.”

“We were just so appreciative that the JDK Services crew could get out there for us last week and take care of the mess!!  Thanks again…we look forward to working with you all this season!”- ARS